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We stock true independent records (as well as the broader ‘indie’ genre) as well as Britpop, Grunge, Industrial, Goth, Britpop, Noise, C86, Twee, Lo-fi, Baggy Indie-Dance and everything inbetween. You’ll find everyone from Nirvana to The Smiths via Blur, Elvis Costello, Oasis, Cocteau Twins, Blondie, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and everyone else.


Independent labels featured include Subpop, Factory, Rough Trade, Mute, Fast Product, Domino, Sarah, Stiff, Creation, Polytechnic Youth, Deep Distance, Preserved Sound, The Great Pop Supplement, Earworm, SST, 4AD etc.


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